What we do:

At Petroleum Products Monitoring our business is analyzing and testing used oil. The purpose of testing your oil is to predict and detect problems before they have a chance to shut down your equipment. Here is how the process works:


  1. You contact our facility and place an order for some of our sample package kits.
  2. We fill your order and ship it the same day or the next, depending on what time the order is placed
  3. You receive the sample kits containing sampling bottles, brief equipment information sheets, and small sample return boxes.
  4. You take a sample from your equipment, fill out the equipment information sheet, and mail the sample back to our lab.
  5. At our lab numerous tests are performed on your oil sample. The results of these tests are then stored in a computer database.
  6. Once all the tests are complete and in our database, the results are then evaluated by trained evaluators and a printout of the results is made
  7. If a severe problem is detected with any of your samples you will receive an immediate phone call or fax. All other results, including results found to be within tolerances, will be mailed back to you.
  8. You smile when you realize how much time and money you are saving.

Petroleum Products Monitoring, Inc.

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